Build your team

AgiliumTracker makes it easy to build your team. Just enter worker names and emails to invite them to AgilumTracker. Once they download AgiliumTracker application they are ready to start tracking time. It is that simple. You can also specify worker hourly rate to track expenses.

See statistics at glance

It is easy to see team statistics in AgiliumTracker web application. You can see time spent and cost for any time range, any project or worker, detailed up to every task. You can download work reports in PDF, Excel or CSV formats. Given this toolset you can easily spot time wastes or inefficient workers.

Integrate with issue trackers

pivotaltracker.com is one of the most popular issue trackers, but it has no mature time tracking feature built in. AgiliumTracker integrates with pivotaltracker.com to add time tracking features. Team members will be able to manage pivotaltracker.com stories lifecycle directly from AgiliumTracker desktop application, tracking working time at the same time.

Track time & expenses

AgiliumTracker records full statistics about tasks your team is working on, including time worked and expenses, fully automated way. You will never bother about manual time tracking anymore.

Capture screenshots

Screenshots is very efficient tool for controlling your team. When team member works on a task, AgiliumTracker takes desktop screenshots every 10 minutes. You can easily see what your workers do, almost in real time.

Track your own time.

You can register with AgiliumTracker to track your own time, absolutely privately. See statistics of how much time you have spent working. Calculate amounts you will charge your customers for. All in fully automated way.


Pay as you go

You pay only for services you use. This plan includes first 2 members free, $5 per member fee afterwards.

Sign up for free


Per Month

  • 5 members included
  • 5$ per extra member**"


Per Month

  • 10 members included
  • 4$ per extra member**"


Per Month

  • 20 members included
  • 3$ per extra member**"


Per Month

  • 50 members included
  • 2$ per extra member**"
* Screenshots are stored for 40 days. Screenshot storage time can be extended at $1 per member per month rate **You will be changed only for active team members above included limit.
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